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GoogleReader and some great flash / flex blog entries

Google Reader has been the perfect resource for me to manage all the blogs (flash and otherwise) that I read everyday. I can categorize my feeds by label, view an aggregated feed of those feeds chronologically, and it even keeps track of new entries. I’ve even found some great new flash blogs via its recommendation system (I’m up to 40 now :O).

A couple entries of interest I’ve read lately and wanted to share:

Eric Feminella’s great Quick Tip blog posts:
Using a parameter class instead of an anonymous object to replace unwieldy method parameters
Using fully qualified paths to define custom event constants to avoid conflicts

This one deserves a post of its own when I have some time to really tinker with it but Metal Hurlant who created the AS3 Crypto Library has created an AS3 run-time compiler written in AS3 by porting parts of the Tamarin project’s “esc” compiler. You can create functions and even classes during runtime. Check out the live demo! Its an exciting time to be a flash developer.

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